Winner Announcement!

On November 27th, 2019, we are proud to celebrate the 100th year from the foundation of Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co.
We are very grateful that many of you have celebrated with us by entering the “PENTAX 100 YEARS of HISTORY Instagram Photo Contest”
We are now pleased to announce the winners!

Photo themes


“Anything with 100”

In celebration of the PENTAX 100 Years of History campaign, subject anything associated with the number 100.

Imaging device
Any PENTAX-brand camera
(film or digital format; compact or SLR)



Any image associated with celebrations, using your PENTAX camera.

Imaging device
Any PENTAX-brand camera 
(film or digital format; compact or SLR)


“My Favorite PENTAX”

Any image of your favorite PENTAX to celebrate the PENTAX 100 Years of History!

Imaging device
Nothing particular



Anything with 100


My Favorite PENTAX


Message from Comment from President Takahashi

“On behalf of all PENTAX employees, we pledge to do our very best to provide you with the finest products possible in the coming 100 years.”



Message from development department director

“I was very impressed by your images, which visualize our bright future. Thank you all for your contributions.”


Awards and prizes

  • ・Grand Prix Award: 3 photos in each theme
  • ・RICOH IMAGING President’s Award: 1 photo
  • ・RICOH IMAGING Development Department Director’s Award: 1 photo

PENTAX 100 Years of History original goods

PENTAX 100 Years of History

We would like to express our sincere thanks to you for your years of patronage and support for PENTAX-brand products.
We will continue to manufacture products that provide the fun of photography and the joy of using cameras, and to grow the family of PENTAX fans.


PENTAX 100 Photo Contest Office

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